Pixel Art Dojo

Kaleidos XXV PiWeek

Day Zero: Prep Work

Today was about rallying together and draft a plan for the week.

Tasks for today:

By the end of the day:

Day One: Learning the ropes

Today we aimed to get used to pixel art editors and have a dab at making sprites. For that we suggested these activities:

Here are some of the sprites we copied:

As for our custom creations, most of them based on a template:

Day Two: Taming the lines

Today we wanted to focus on the basics of the craft, so we went on reading Chapter 1 from Pixel Logic, which is about drawing clear lines, avoiding jaggies and different outline styles and their possibilites.

Our aim for today was:

This is what we came up with:

Day Three: Animations and backgrounds

So far we had been focusing on characters, so today we opted for exploring backgrounds (including tiles) and also to keep dabbing into animations.

And this is what we made!

Day Four: Personal projects

Since each of us had different reasons to learn or practice pixel art, we thought it would be cool to just do a personal project —hopefully applying what we have learned so far!

Day 05: Wrap up

It's demo day at Kaleidos, so we need to wrap up: