A new UX/UI proposal for Inkscape

A ΠWEEK Project [See the docs!]

Inkscape today

Inkscape it’s open source, free, powerful and standard compliant. It makes web development and vectorial design easy and it’s widely supported by the community.

Born in 2003 and developed actively since then, it probably never had an actual UX and design work behind. By fixing this, we want to help Inkscape to be the best tool for every kind of designer.

We love inkscape because...

We love inkscape because...

  • is powerful and has great features
  • complies with SVG image standards
  • has an awesome shortcut system
  • it's OPEN SOURCE!
What we love

But the pain is that...

  • it has a lot of non key features at plain sight and at the same level of the basic ones
  • there are consistency flaws in the user flow
  • there is room for improvements on visual design
Our goal

Our goal is

We want Inkscape to be the favourite tool for every...visual designerUX designerbackend developerweb designergraphic designerfrontend developer

and our weapons are

Improve usability


Improve UI


Improve your love for inkscape


How are we doing it?

How are we doing it?

New Structure


We believe that grouping the type of content and functionalities provided to the user will greatly facilitate his tasks. Defining areas will help the user recognizing what he need without using his memory. We’ll discriminate between tools, subtools, panels and info.

Rethinkscape structure
  • Work space: The main space where the user can do their dreams come true.
  • Toolbar: Here the user will find every tool that he needs to perform his tasks.
  • Tool settings: Here the user will always find settings and paramaters of the tools.
  • Colors Palette: We love the current color palette, is useful and cool at the same time. We just want to leave it like it is.
  • Info bar: User will always find info in this area. Just to know about his current status, never to modify things.
  • Panels: Complex modifiers and parameter panels.
Powerful tools

Powerful tools



Visual design can make the difference if we want inkscape to be used by all kind of designers (Visual, UX, Graphic, Interaction...) and non professional users. A modern, simple and visually beautiful interface will improve user experience.

Sexy thing

It's already happening!

This is not just an experimental idea or a funny ΠWEEK game. We actually got in touch with the real inkscape developer and started an agile conversation to make this real. Some of them are giving us some feedback and we started to iterate.

Inkscape is primarily created by volunteers and other people who are passionate... share your passion with us. Whatever way your team goes, we're excited to see what you come up with. :) We're also happy to have you as users and in our development community!

Josh Andler (@ScislaC)Inkscape developer

Glad to hear you love Inkscape! We would love to have you collaborate with us.
I think most current Inkscape developers recognize that our UI could use some serious work. Most of it has been added piece-meal over the years with out much thought about consistency.

Tavmjong BahSVG W3C Group Inkscape representative

Wuaauuu!! Your ideas seems very chagenlling and very attractive. I like so much your mockups, and I think this way will improve usability and general user attractiveness for Inkscape.

Fernando Cuenca MargalefA guy from Indra

Many of your ideas could be proper tools, while others should be re-thought when it comes to the panels and how they are activated and hidden.

Martin Owens. (@realdoctomo)Inkscape developer, Artist, and twit


Who are these crazy Kaleiders